naked hand

my dudes.

i havent been on this journal in the longest of times, and its kind of weird. yea.
i miss it a little. i have too many journals that i dont write in. and thats sad. maybe i'll post random shit on this journal every once in a while just to keep it lively.
yea. k...peace out.
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naked hand

Life sucks and then you die....

apparently i havent updated this thing since july. and thats absurd. so i thought i'd update.

HI. How is everyone. good. good.


kimiswayhawt  is my other livejournal, so.....for those of you who didnt know that......uh.......comment on it? i think? idk.

fuck it.


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life keeps going

im dumb

What do people really think about you?
by Raven319
favorite song
Parents thinkYou're sleeping around
Strangers thinkYou have bigger boobs than Pam
Friends thinkYou need a fuck buddy
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life keeps going

hello once again

i missed this journal.....and its only been like a thot i might update this one too once and awhile......i miss pri n gwar.....

and im listenin 2 britney spears?????? wtf. i stopped. that was lame.

i want to see napolean dynamite. YES!!!!
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naked hand

this is stooped.

i thot i should make my lj FRIENDS ONLY....from now on, and b/c im lazy, and didnt want to change every little fuckin entry,  ive decided to make a new username, so that is precisely what i did. kimiswayhawt . thats the new goodbye sparksrush...i think ill update every now and then on it....but i want a friends only one....b/c im weird like that. yeaa. okay.... eyyer.......
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