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This broken heart will never mend, so never shall I breathe again

Close your eyes and I'll kill you in the rain

7 February
HEY BIZATCHES. I AM SO COOL, AND U LOVE ME. Yes, i be kim, and you be, well idk who u be, but im sure your someone of equal importance as i. I am around the age of 15, and i enjoy long walks on the beach, eating chicken souffles, and getting my feet massaged by generous peasants.
I like eatin fried chicken, and kickin a baby here and there. On harbor day, i like to plant claires. My main goal in life is to become a coroner, in case you are ignorant, and cannot understand why i would want to have a profession that has to do with examining dead carcasses, then you obviously dont know me very well.

KEEP IT GANGSTA....o man, im so wiggity wak whyte.
acoustic guitar, adam brody, alicia keys, american pie, applebees, arm warmers, ashton kutcher, atheism, baby blue, bam margera, barnes and noble, bathing suits, beavis and butthead, being emo, biology, black, boots, brand new, bright eyes, chicken, chorus, christina aguilera, cky, clutch, coheed and cambria, coldplay, converse, csi, damian kulash, dashboard confessional, dave chapelle, dead things, deathcab for cutie, dirty dancing, docmartens, dogs, donnie darko, drums, electric guitar, emo, empire records, emu, ethan embry, eyes, fabrizio moretti, family guy, field hockey, fire, forever stark, france, fucking, funny people, getting lost, ghosts, gossip girl, guy's knuckles, guys, gwar, hands, hello goodbye, jesse lacey, justin timberlake, lbi, love, lust, mae, mango, marvin gaye, metal, moose, moshy music, music, my bed, my friends, new orleans, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, nyc, nyquil, ok go, old madonna, old michael jackson, painting, penis, perris house, pictures, piercings, plain pancakes, porn, pyro, queen, raab himself, real boobs, red hot chili peppers, rock, save ferris, screaming random things, senses fail, sex, sex and the city, sex pistols, sexual beings, sims, six feet under, ska, skaters, sleater-kinney, sneakers, socks that dont match, something corporate, songwriting, souly shit, stevie wonder, sublime, sum41, system of a down, tatoos, the 70s, the 80s, the beach, the beatles, the clash, the cure, the darkness, the foo fighters, the greasers, the ish, the oc, the ocean, the outsiders, the phase, the pixies, the rolling stones, the sims, the socs, the strokes, the used, the white stripes, tsunami bomb, vacation, vagina, vampires, vans, waffles, waynes world, wildwood, writing, writing poems, yellowcard, zydeco